Madrid - German Beer Restaurant

Madrid - Santa Ana Square   Fujifilm X100S © 2014 Miguel Witte

Madrid - Santa Ana Square

Fujifilm X100S © 2014 Miguel Witte

Being a German walking around touristy places in Madrid I couldn´t help but capture some images when I saw “Cervecería Alemana” (= German Beer Bar) and as luck would have it I managed to capture a frame I really liked. Only the camera was set to black and white, everything else was pure coincidence: The elegantly dressed waiter, with the pub logo and entrance as a background and context plus two couples left and right moving off in opposite directions.

Talking about beer: The Germans are renowned in Spain and elsewhere as a beer drinking nation while Spanish people are supposed to be more into wine drinking which is also more mediterranean. As far as I can tell lot´s of Germans prefer wine and it seems to me that they often pretend to be mediterranean with it´s lifestyle and flair whilst lot of my Spanish friends go directly for a beer without further ado. One can find beer in Germany in very many different styles and tastes, but there is one thing Spanish people have figured out far better than in Germany: serving beer really cold and chilled. In addition to that beer is served in Spain, most of the time, very elegantly in nice small glasses.

Miguel Witte